Monday, March 28, 2011

MSS St. Louis

Well, spring break came and went. After a weekend at my mom's house (and beating the pants off of her in scrabble), and a few days bumming around my house at school (and beating the pants off one of my housemates in scrabble, playing a LOT of pokemon white, and watching a couple seasons of LOST), I went with 6 fellow students and professor to St. Louis for a sociology conference.

I had a lot of fun! The ten hour drive through Iowa was kind of boring, but I couldn't sleep. A few of us just talked and I played more Pokemon. We stayed at the Millennium Hotel right downtown, a couple blocks from the hotel the conference was in. It snowed almost the whole time, so the short walk was really cold and uncomfortable. Our hotel was being used by the National Conference of Black Engineers, so it was fun to see all the southern kids who hadn't seen snow very much if at all.

The conference itself was cool. I stayed in my women's studies comfort zone and went to sessions that focused on gender and sexuality issues. Topics ranged from the feelings of loss of transmen and their partners to rural lesbian identity frames. It was really interesting to see what everyone was researching. There were hundreds of sessions with 3 or 4 papers discussed in each session. Crazy to see how many sociologists are studying in the Midwest.

Our own presentation was good. Not well attended, but we did well. Our small audience turned into a really interesting discussion of what students need out of sociology programs, classes and teachers. Probably haven't mentioned it here yet, but we studied how students feel about the post-graduation planning process. We found that the earlier students begin planning, they also have higher levels of self-efficacy (confidence they'll be able to achieve their post-college career goals) and most positive attitudes (less anxious, more excited). Other groups studied transferable skills, social networks, career resource use, etc. We focused on attitudes, beliefs and plans.

Now, it's back to school. 2 months before I graduate! Ahh! So excited! Now I just have to find a place to live and work and time to finish everything I need to finish by then.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I hate being on time. I need to be early. Why didn't I do anything last week? Why did I only turn in my distinction application a day before it was due? Why can't I set deadlines for myself?

Sleep, for example. I finished my homework (due tomorrow!) at 11:40. "Great!" I thought, "I can be asleep by 12. It's good. I've been shorting myself on sleep lately."

It's now 12:45. *facepalm* Am I just magically incapable of closing my laptop if I don't have someone else to be accountable to? I do need to be able to do my assignment tomorrow (due friday!) which will require a lot of thinking, considering I haven't started it yet.

Spring break is soon. That'll be a good time to work on self-regulating deadlines. Especially since I'm starting my Pokemon White on Friday afternoon, and I have to read a book and write a review over break, as well as practice my speech for the conference where I'm presenting in a week, and work on Vagina Monologues planning, Day of Silence planning, MN AIDS Walk planning, transcribe another interview, write a couple interview analyses and work on my curriculum for my women's studies seminar. Oh, and find a job and a place to live and people to live with after graduation...

It'll be good practice. I'll probably bring homework with me to St. Louis as well. I'll give myself this weekend to have Spring Break, then get started.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Help Save Planned Parenthood

I recently watched this video: by Wesleyan students in support of Planned Parenthood.

I love it! I love Planned Parenthood and I am so sad/mad/irritated that their small funding pie (none of which actually goes to abortion services) is being cut, while the Air Force gets to keep their NASCAR advertising. While the richest of the rich get more tax breaks. While huge corporations threaten to take even more jobs overseas if they don't get more tax breaks.

Maybe we should just let them leave! Let's start buying in companies that won't hold our deficit hostage if they don't get even more of our money. Buy local. Buy smart! Support the companies that support you! I'm not the biggest Lady Gaga fan in the world, but what she did this week was powerful! Imagine if everyone did that!