Monday, June 6, 2011

First Day on the Job

Well, today was my first day of training at Wells Fargo. I still have 2 weeks of training left, though, so we'll see how it goes when I actually start to work. :) But hey, 2 weeks of listening isn't bad.

Today was kind of information overload. I'm sure it's going to get a lot more in-depth considering we have a whole two weeks full time training, so I'll remember more of it as I rehear it.

Even though the training is kind of mind-numbing, I think the job won't be bad as long as I stay engaged and try to meet sales goals. Plus the incentives I could get are so worth the energy it takes to exceed expectations. I could get hundreds of dollars in incentives by referring people to personal bankers or using good customer service skills. Plus the benefits rock. 18 days PTO? Hope the benefits on paper are as good in real life.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Settling In

Well, I've just about settled into my new home. I just need some more furniture, like a bookshelf, more seating in the living room, something to put in my dining room, and maybe a TV stand or an end table. Most of these things, I can get for free at my mom's house, once I clean them out of my bedroom. None of my furniture will match, but I can just get matching furniture one day when I'm rich and buy a fancy condo or house custom-designed for me. :)

So far in my living room I have a bright purple rug, a bright red coffee table, a sage green couch, a purple bookshelf and a black table. And a pink flamingo. Blue curtains on one window and a rainbow sarong pinned up to the other window. See what I mean about not matching?

Anyway, I like the place. It's close to a lot of public transportation, which I like. I can take the light rail to work, downtown, the mall, or even all the way to my hometown.

Now all I need is a roommate. And a pet (other than the hamster and fish, because they're only temporary until August comes). I kinda like having my own place, but it's cheaper, safer and less anti-social to have one. Come January, I will probably go stir-crazy if I don't have someone to live with. Luckily, the U and Augsburg are literally within walking distance (I can even see them from the corner!), so finding a roommate probably won't be too hard.

PS: My basement is sketchy as all get out. Maybe I could clean it up and use it for something...