Wednesday, August 29, 2012


To be completely honest, Craigslist is pretty janky.

However, I've had really great luck with it lately. Sold a bed within an hour of posting it, and bought a nice table for $15 and picked it up the next day after I emailed her.

I suppose, much like many things in life, you have to use it carefully.

Walking in the city after dark by yourself (Hey, I know I shouldn't, but I live alone in the city and I don't have a car. This is Minnesota, it get dark at 4pm in the winter. It is literally impossible to not walk alone after dark) is another example. Be smart about it. Act confident. Be polite. Keep to yourself. If there's a group nearby, you can keep close to them so creepers think you're with them.

I must be getting more street-savvy, right?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Life Update

So, I kind of forgot to blog for a while. My apologies. I haven't even been super busy, but life happens.

Things I've been doing:
1) Beat Pokemon White.
~Snivy was my starter for this one, and he was pretty great, but Seismitoad has to be my favorite pokemon in this entire generation. Unfortunately, my beloved cat has chewed my DS charger in half, so I am still waiting for my new one to arrive from Hong Kong. I got part way through replaying Black, but it has to wait because I finally ran out of battery.

2) Went to California.
~My friend Katie and I went to California to our friends wedding. We went to the beach, Chinatown, Little Tokyo, museums, and Jeannette's bachelorette party was in Disney Land! The wedding was beautiful and they are so cute!

3) Got a promotion at work.
~I've been trying to find a new job that pays more, but instead the Lead Teller position opened up at work. So now I am living within my means! Yay! And have more to do at work.

4) Exercising.
~While I've dropped from 4-5 workouts a week to 2-3, I've still been working out pretty regularly. I've even been biking more often, and I don't really enjoy riding my bike, but it's a good workout and gets me places faster than walking.

5) Listening to music
~I've been renting CDs from the library, and listening to the radio more often so I can hear more music and finally listen to all those albums that have been on my list forever.

6) Volunteering
~My new years resolution of 4 hours of volunteer service a month has been mostly working (except I only had 2 hours in July, but most have had 6-8, so it evens out). I have discovered that volunteering gets you free stuff and free admission and something to do during the event. I have a ton of t-shirts, have gotten out of at least $30 in cover charges/admission fees, free meals, free drinks and other random swag. And of course, volunteering gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. And I feel like I'm doing something worthwhile instead of just bumming around and spending money.

7) Having a social life
~Sort of? I have been succeeding at my 1 social event per week minimum, but I was hoping it would snowball by now. I am terrible at initiating contact, and setting plans. And I like hanging out with friends, but laying on the couch usually trumps getting up and doing something. I need to get better at making obligations for myself so I get my butt off the couch.

8) Being single
~Still single, still not dating, still enjoying it!