Friday, November 12, 2010

Reverend Me

So, I became a Minister last night. lol.

I am a minister of the First Church of Atheism, which is a "church" which basically allows people to become "ministers" so they can officiate weddings and funerals and such. Legally, in order for a marriage license to be valid, a minister or a judge needs to witness it. Unless you're friends with a judge, it's hard to find someone meaningful to officiate a wedding in a non-religious context. So, the First Church of Atheism allows people to become ministers legally.

Obviously, it's not supposed to be an actual church or congregation or anything. It's a way around legal discrimination that says weddings must be done by a judge or a minister. If you wanted a friend to officiate, they can go online to any website/church and get a ministers license for free. However, they're mostly Christian or non-denominational organizations that do that. The FCA does the same thing but for non-religious people.

I don't know if I'll ever officiate a wedding or anything, but it's generally $300 per service, so if I do, it'll just be extra income, and I get to make a positive non-religious difference in peoples lives. If you need a minister for anything, let me know!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm still here

I'm very sorry. I have been focused on other things. I am still alive, still busy and poor, and still overachieving and awesome. This blog is on my list of priorities, but only after work, class, sleep, homework, extracurriculars, eating, and the small figment of my imagination I call my social life (it's basically me sitting in my living room until one or more of the housies join me, or occasionally getting invited somewhere).

I love living in my house. We get along so well (aside from messiness), and just understand each other. For example, 6/7 of us, inspired by a woopie cushion, took a good 15 minutes to make farting noises together. Fun times. Tonight, we watched Troll 2, which is not about trolls, or even 1 troll, but about goblins and vegetarianism. The protagonist was able to escape the goblins by eating a double salami sandwich. The movie ends with goblins eating his mom (after she's been turned into a plant, of course). One of the worst movies ever.

I kind of want to quit Target, but my bank account says no to that. Tuition's gotta get paid, bills gotta get paid, money has to be saved for Thailand (which I'm supes excited for, btdubs). I hope it will be magical! In any case, January is the best time of year to visit, because it's not overwhelmingly and oppressively hot and sticky, nor is it rainy. In any case, my jobs in the caf and at the middle school are much more fulfilling, even if they are less demanding.

I'm going to go to bed now, but I thought I should let you know that I am thriving.