Friday, July 22, 2011

My favorite number is 6.

What is your favorite number? Participate in this study: (Why do the British always have the coolest internet studies?)
Six is a beautiful shade of dark blue. Sometimes 6 is silvery, too. Sixes are most beautiful when they are together. 66, 666, .66. They are the ocean waves. A six is a sleeping cat.

A six makes any other number seem cooler. The quiet, pale 7 becomes a rockstar when 67, because sixes are cool and mysterious and sexy. Don't even get me started on how sexy an awkward 9 becomes when with a 6.

Yet, sixes are comforting as well, a tire swing to play in, a mothers arm holding her baby. 6 is balanced and grounded. A 6 might roll around a bit, but a six won't fall like a 7 or a 9.

Sexy six is a much better number than that ugly, old, pee-yellow 8.

This is the approximate color scheme of a 6. It's a bit more shiny that that, though. It was the closest I could find in quick google search.

This is also a good example of the color six.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Life on the West Bank - No, not that West Bank

So, I have been living by the West Bank of the UofMN for about a month and a half now, and I have to say that I really like it.

1) The proximity to everything. I can get almost anywhere in the cities in an hour or less using public transit, aside from random obscure places in St Paul. I can even get to random obscure places in the suburbs, especially if I bring my bike along. To get groceries or do laundry, I just walk or take the bus about a mile away.

2) My house is surprisingly cool, temperature-wise. Especially in this week of Minnesauna, where the world is melting unless it's in AC. I don't have AC, but my house is a good 10 degrees cooler. I can actually use a sheet at night and comfortably sleep. It's so hot outside, I actually jumped through a sprinkler on my way home from work. It took all my will power to keep my pants on.

3) My neighborhood is surprisingly quiet. Considering how high the crime rate allegedly is, how many bars are nearby, how many low-income students and immigrants live around here, I don't hear a thing, aside from a dog barking or some kids playing. I even live about 2 blocks from the freeway, and I rarely hear traffic.

4) Work is nice. It's doable and stimulating enough where I enjoy doing it. I do need a second job though, just for extra income. Maybe a restaurant will hire me for weekends, or something. I could bus tables or be a host at a restaurant or something.

5) There's room for one more! I have a lot of space that I don't use. Roommate forthcoming, at some point!