Saturday, February 25, 2012

Life doesn't stop

Well, so far I've been sticking to most of my New Year Resolutions.

I guess I haven't been super good at making necessary doctors appointments, but I finally got the dentist scheduled for mid-April.

Exercise is going well. I catch myself checking myself out in the mirror a lot, so the getting in shape thing is working, even though I haven't lost very much weight. Any weight loss can be attributed to a bout of the flu halfway through January. Instead of a gym membership, though, I work out at home because I bought my brother's elliptical, and pay myself to work out. Plus instead of getting home at 8:30pm every night, I now can get home at 7, and work out at home. My cat enjoys sitting on me while I am doing yoga, and playing with my resistance bands and balance ball. Quality time with her is good, too.

Saving money is going mostly well. I can't eat less than $100 of food in a month if I want fresh fruit/veggies, which I do. I've been a super couponer though, and have only bought food at a restaurant twice since January 1st.

I don't think cleaning was a resolution, but I'm failing at it in any case. Now that my roommate moved out, I don't really have a reason to clean. She left some bowls and plates, and I brought mugs from home, so now I can go even longer before I have to wash them.

I have been winning at reading, though (you should read the hunger games and if you like fantasy, A Game of Thrones. Go!). And playing pokemon. And listening to new-to-me music. Also not resolutions, but things I'd been meaning to do.

I just need now to find a better job and a new place to live. I like my job, but if I can get a higher paying job with the same benefits, I will. I also can't afford to live in a 2 bedroom on my own, but I don't really like living with other people, I've realized. Perhaps a 1 bedroom would be better, even though it would reinforce my hermit-like behavior. But I'm a lazy, sometimes anti-social, crude person to live with. Perhaps living on my own for a while would suit me better.