Sunday, March 18, 2012

Found Pet - Thankfully!

Twice this week, I've almost had to make "LOST PET" signs.

First, I must have snapped the leash on the tag ring instead of the collar, because the second Hazel and I stepped outside, the ring broke and she zipped off after a rabbit. "ffuuu...." was my first thought. I ran around the block and neighborhood, calling her name, and asking random people walking by if they'd seen a dog. Considering it was 10pm on a weekday, there were only two or three people, and no one had seen her. Resigning myself to calling animal control, I trudged back home. As I turned the corner, who was sitting on the front porch but Hazel! I was so happy, I just gave her a hug and a "good dog" for coming home, and put the leash back on. We found the tags laying in the yard the next morning.

So relieved.

Today, I got up at 6 to feed the cat, and take the dog for a walk. I had a headache (not from a hangover, though! I went to bed at 10 because I was so tired!), so I went back to sleep for a couple hours. "Odd that the cat didn't come when I poured her food out. She must be hungry by now," I thought as sleep took me again. When I got up at 8, she still hadn't eaten her food. So I went searching in all her favorite spots. Not on the cabinets, nor under my bed, not in the shower, or in the closet. I had left the window in the living room open last night, so maybe she was still hunkered down there, even though the dog was in there. I pushed back the curtain only to find a big gaping corner of the screen pushed out. "Fuuuuuu.... How long has she been gone? She could be anywhere!" The last time I saw her was 10pm when she jumped off my bed after cuddling before I fell asleep.

So, I run outside, looking up trees and under neighbors porches. Around and around theg neighborhood I go. "Momo wouldn't go very far. When she gets scared, she hides under stuff or jumps up." A lightbulb when off after twenty minutes. "Is it possible she wiggled through the trellis skirt on my porch?" I went to look. Sure enough, there are definite signs of digging underneath the porch skirt. I go inside to grab a flashlight. I don't see her right away, but I go around the corner, and look again. Lo and behold, what is looking back at me but those two adorable green eyes? She let out the most piteous "mew." I pull the skirt back enough for her to wiggle back through, and she jumps into my arms, covered in dirt and spider webs.

Thank goodness my pets know where they live!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day!!

To celebrate, I baked and brought a french silk pie, pumpkin pie and berry pie. I should have taken a picture of the berry pie. It was my first crust I've made with a lattice top crust, and I put a cute little pi symbol on it. TASTED AMAZING TOO!!!!!

Hope you celebrated this irrational day!

Monday, March 12, 2012


Saturday, Mommy helped me pick up my first doggy, sort of. She's a rescue dog that I'm fostering. She's really cute and friendly, and calm for a dog, but hyper and needy compared to the cat. Haha.

She is very clingy, in a good way. She is the type of dog who leans on your legs when you pet her, and gets a little anxious when you stop petting her.

But once she realizes you're not going to pet her in the next minute, she just lays down and chills out.

She also doesn't shed much. Lucky me!

There are some issues, though. I live in a predominantly Somali neighborhood, and we have yet to pass one Somali neighbor who isn't terrified of her. She looks like a shepherd or a rottie (and probably is a mix of both, with some other stuff in there), but she is a calm, happy and friendly dog.

She also doesn't recognize her name. Not sure if she was renamed, or if her original owners just didn't ever use it, but it's very hard to get her attention when she sees a squirrel or cat running away from her.

And good lord, can this dog poop! I forgot how much dogs poop! I only get one free bag a day, but use at least 3 or 4. I'm going to run out of bags! I'll have to buy more vegetables or something, just for the bags, because this is ridiculous. She pooped 6 times in her first 24 hours here.

My main worry, though? Momo. She doesn't like Hazel. She is curious, and will come and sniff around or creep over the wall or from behind the couch, but the second Hazel sees or smells her nearby, Hazel just wants to meet her! She is so excited to meet Momo! But Momo is terrified, and hisses and growls and is frozen solid. I have to carry her out of the room, and she goes and lies on my bed or in the kitchen for twenty minutes before she's calm enough to walk around normally. So, Hazel is confined to the living room while I'm home, and is crated during the day while I'm at work and at night. I'd love to leave her out at night, or during the day, but I can't trust her with Momo yet. I don't want to wake up to a beat up cat because I wasn't supervising closely enough. What I see as excited and happy to meet Momo may actually be a prey drive that I am preventing from manifesting.

We'll just have to wait a few more days to see if there is any improvement. So far, it's been mostly stressful between the two, which is too bad because they are both really friendly and sweet. Just not to each other, yet.

If you're interested in adopting Hazel, please let me know! You can also go to